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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Young Love

Dwayne 17.34
So wen is u gona
suk my dik lol

Aisha 17.50
oh yeh chatin shit
Dwayne yeh? Lol
Chatin Lyk Im sum ho!!!!

Aisha 18.20
Why u txtin me neway?
Herd u fingerd becki in
The asembly hal…
go txt that slag init?

Dwayne 18.45
nah, dat was sum rumor
cum link man down park

Aisha 19.53
Y u lieing u dikhed… mr
dodwell saw u. Plus I told
Im not sum ho

Dwayne 20.02
Dodwells sum peedo init
Come down park
U kno I lyk u, rite?

Aisha 21.57
I lyk u too Dwayne
But I told u. im not no
ho. neway
U kno I cant cum, im
grounded stil

Dwayne 22.05
Y u grounded?

Aisha 22.27
got cuaght
Sukin off my step
Dad for 10 B&H
Again innit

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