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Friday, 26 December 2008

When nothing else mattered

The best years of my life were when very little mattered except Sega Megadrive, bags of sweets and children's BBC.

Those days i could play Sonic the Hedgehog for 8 hours on the trot, and yet not even the slightest hint of boredom would enter my mind. My Mum said too much time playing video games would make my eyes square, but she was wrong. it made them boss eyed.

Back then i didn't even know what depression was. I just wanted to play Megadrive until my eyes crossed, occasionally pottering down to the sweetshop with a quid so i could stuff my face with delicious treats.

A mere pound meant one hundred fried eggs, or alternatively, four sour laces and eighty fried eggs. Then again, one could have three chomp bars, forty fried eggs, and six sour laces. A world of opportunities. Nowdays twenty quid barely covers the cost of a Nandos. Think how many penny sweets twenty quid could have bought.

Every weekend i'd be up at seven to play a whole days worth of sonic the hedgehog. Bang on. No need to worry about searching for a job, doing the laundry, or finding a bird. Furthermore, no manic depressive cry wanks. A six year old has no concept of such things.

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